ghosturza replied to your post: ((My dream involved me being on the justice league… So… Fuck yeah.))

Mine was literally a fantasy dream. Dragons, talking Stags and foxes.. Humans being guarded and lead into this deep forest. It was really awesome and the way it was played out was like was some anime.

((Lets see…  I was at ground zero for an alien attack.  Wonder woman flew up to greet the invaders, but was struck by some bomb that sent myself, batman, superman, green martian, and the flash to a year in the future where the aliens ruled the world.  And basically worshipping them was some sorta religion.

We spent most of our time figuring out a way to get back to the time the bomb was set off.  Fighting a few aliens along the way.  And then we did to back a year, save wonder woman, and beat the aliens.

Pretty boss.))


7 Deadly Sin Headcanons

  • Lust: a headcanon about your character's romantic and/or sexual life
  • Greed: a headcanon about something your character hordes or collects
  • Sloth: a headcanon about something your character hates to do or simply hates in general
  • Pride: a headcanon about something your character is a bit cocky about
  • Gluttony: a headcanon about food or obsessions
  • Wrath: a headcanon about your character and their anger management
  • Envy: a headcanon about your character's secret desires and jealousies

asknekusar asked:

In my opinion, Oblivion is rather nice, as long as you have company and the usually entertaining last thoughts of a mortal before you kill them. I have books full! I can lend them to you, if you'd like.

"No.  I’m fine.  I spent enough time in true oblivion.  I rather loathe non existence."  He said annoyed.  "Do you all know what true oblivion is?  Not hell?  Or any afterlife?  Living in another.  And just being nothing."




I disagree with you at this matters. Nonexistence is very relaxing after long stress filled life. Only reason why I could imagine you not liking it would be that you hadn’t dwelt  long and deep enough in it.

Too bad some of us can’t stay there for longer. I enjoy oblivion so much.

"After three centuries?"  He asked.  "Its dull enough."  He mumbled  "And I don’t care for relaxation.  I want action."